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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 19, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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services, inc. what was is no more. when you see it, you still can't believe your eyes. thousands killed and thousands missing in an earthquake and tsunami of epic proportions. when it hit, japan shifted eight feet. 15 minutes later, 30 foot waves smashed into the northeast coastline. this tsunami from hell stretch add cross the pacific, in its wake a nuclear crisis spins out of control.
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hello, i'm shepherd smith reporting from tokyo, japan. over the past 10 days a nation of 127 million people face what's their prime minister said is the most severe crisis since worpd war ii. japan is no stranger to disaster, man made and natural n 1923, 142,000 people died in the tokyo earthquake. but today, the nuclear melt down is having globe wral repercussions, threatening lives, economy and the environment. and the human spirit to survive endures. a look at first first 10 days of the disaster unfolded on fox news. >> march 11th, 2011, just a normal day in japan. and in the middle of the night in the united states.
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>> union blos boss played a huge role apparently... >> this is a fox news alert from new york, breaking news out of japan. a massive 7.9 earthquake shaking buildings in tokyo. >> monitoring news around the clock and after 1:00 there was word there was a significant earthquake in japan. and there are details getting information and start to look for images to go with it. we realized this is a significant event, mobilizing fox news resources around the world to start teams into the area to get the story. >> so far there are no reports of injuries. >> stay with fox news channel for more on this developing story. >> the first reports coming from japan's main tv station, nhk, from tokyo. >> we're being told by nhk that a small tsunami hit the
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shores and near the epicenter around 3:00 p.m. their time. >> japan sits on the ring of fire. a dangerous series of tech tonic plates from south america, throughout the united states and over to japan. three plates all converged. and that afternoon, off the northeast coast of japan a terrifying rumble from deep inside earth. japan rocked by a massive earthquake. buildings shook. >> 8.9 quake, the government confirming 17 deaths so far. >> we're getting more as we're speaking to you now. and if you're just joining us, reports didn't grasp the magnitude of the destruction. >> we've heard quite a bit from the prime minister, urging people just to help each other now. he said the quake did cause major damage in a lot of areas
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but one thing they're worried about is that nuclear power plants. he said so far those were not affected and there is no radiation leaks. that is certainly a little bit of good news in all of of this. >> 4,000 miles away, the state of hawaii went into high alert. >> we've evacuated everything out of it. filing cabinets, computers and everything. we're boarding up windows. >> i am concerned. >> let's go to fred live in the newsroom. fred? >> we've been monitoring the situation not only in japan but here in the united states just so happens our own courtney freel is in hawaii just telephoned into us. courtney what is the situation there? >> my husband as, his family is here, we're down having dinner in waikiki in a popular
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restaurant. these japanese tourists were on their phones trying to call their families in japan. they couldn't get through. >> do you sense panic? >> yeah. i do. >> on the other side of the country in washington president obama aprized of the developing story. >> the president has issued a statement and peter doocy is live with details. good morning, peter. >> good morning, gretchen. we're hearing now the president was told about the earthquake and resulting tsunami by his chief of staff bill daily at about 4:00 this morning. and the white house did put out a statement, quote, michelle and i send our deepest condolences to the people of japan. >> the united states woke up friday morning, march 11th we
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began to see the moreor of what is unfolding in japan. >> thank you, everybody. good morning. what a morning this is. >> this will be just the beginning of what will be without question dozens if not hundreds of video clips as we'll see throughout the country of japan . now, there is one report out of japan reporting two to three hundred people may have been found dead on the northeastern island, northeastern part of the island.
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getting reports out of japan that a petro-chemical explosion occurred. roads are clogged and streets are jammed. airports closed and you can just imagine. >> the look on peoples' faces. they don't know which way to run. is the building going to collapse next to them? it's a very frightening situation. who knows how many people are trying to get out of the buildings. we're unfortunately just at the beginning at this point. >> they'll match the miles you've eard on your airline credit card -- up to 100,000 -- on a new venture card. it's unbelievable. believe it. venture card miles are good on any airline, anytime. it's like an upgrade from this... to this. sign up for a venture card at today and get up to 100,000 miles. what's in your wallet? impressive, right?
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as soon as the quake struck, deadly tsunami waves raced apose -- across the pacific at 500 miles per hour, as fast as a jetliner. and destroyed everything in its path. >> the people in northern japan had just 15 minutes between earthquake and tsunami. >> as seen in this harrowing
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footage. >> a wave washed away homes and lives. and it pushed three miles inland and day break we final i -- finally got a look at the aftermath it and was ugly. buildings made of stone, they stood. the buildings that were not, did not stand. water shows no sign of receding. japanese media says death toll is now above a thousand, shep,
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it will likely go much higher. the tsunami cloufd slammed into hawaii nearly 4,000 miles away. >> that is big, that is massive. >> captured here in this home video. >> this is coming straight over the wall. on to main roads. that is unbelievable. here it comes again. pouring over the wall. you can see a car making a run for it out there. i'm stranded now. >> this was the scene in santa cruz. the coast guard searching for a man whom a wave reportedly swept out to sea while he's taking pictures, in oregon authorities say waves washed four people out to see. >> around the border of oregon and california this is where it left crescent city vulnerable to damage.
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that small fishing town got hit with two tsunamies today, first slamming into the town border at 7:30 this morning tearing it apart. most, if not all docks there are gone. 35 boats were crushed. the water drained back out to sea, then built it back up, again. >> japan at this hour is racing for a possible nuclear melt down. the worst case scenario. and there has been an explosion and a radiation leak at the nuclear power plant. there has been serious damage to a reactor at that plant z right now crews are rushing to contain the scene. >> the reactors containment is closed therefore not the case that a large radiation leak is expected. >> and the director general of the international atopic energy agency believes this situation was under control. >> it was being held by
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japanese authorities the explosions occurred outside of the primary containment vessel. and this is confirmed. it has been informed that sea water is being injected into the vessel to prevent possible damage to the core. >> for thousands of people living near the plant were ordered to evacuate. >> officials say 10 kilo meters away is safe but radiation may change and go out wider. this is disturbing. >> this woman says her son may have been swept away and she's trying to lok indicate him. -- locate him. >> the city of sendai was one of the hardest hit.
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waves reaching 30 feet high. people ran for their lives to escape rushing water, farmland wiped out. and cars were thrown like toys everywhere. some people were fortunate to be rescued. the destruction zone stretches from where we're located up to sendai. we're told thousands of huddled and waiting for support. >> i was trying to hold onto the shelf coming down on meechl the ground shook. i cannot hold onto it. i feel. the shelf came down on top of me. i was saved by a table wedged in between. >> 40 miles south of senda nismt a coastal town a miracle rescue of a 60-year-old swept away from his home by the
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tsunami. for two days he clung to a piece of his roof before spotted waving a self made flag by a maritime destroyer, 500 people from his town were killed and 2200 are missing including his wife. >> more fox news reporting on the disaster in japan just ahead. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay ofth freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while u're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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you're looking at a new video of a ravaged japan. fires sweeping across the country. a 30 foot wall of water swallowing up communities. the death toll is expected to surpass one thousand. >> rescue efforts underway now. people being lifted into choppers and everything below them is in absolute disaster. this one of the areas through the path. >> despite the growing death toll, stories of survival start to emerge from the horrible wreckage. >> she says there happened to be a tree nearby. so struggled and grabbed the tree to prevent herself from sinking underwater. she hung onto the tree with
12:22 am
the water around her. she says she hung on for deer life and then, a tarmac drifting near her. she got on the mat and floated around and around into the water. completely helpless the images are heart breaking. >> you can see how water has overtaken many parts of the land. now the question about whether this wave will go out. most normally when tsunami waves come, they come over the land and the moment before momentum stops they go back out to water like the aftermath of a hurricane. in this case it's believed the land mass itself changed shape and subsided as they put it so
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the land goes down, water comes up. some of the areas which were close lined, in other words where people live and work and farm, will be reclaimed by the sea and literally the mass of the nation of japan will change as a result of the incredible act. it's possible some of the areas will never be dry land again. this is the first time we've seen these pictures and my goodness we've heard much about the devastation with train travel. a lot of the train tracks, i'm led to believe are along the coastal regions and that would have been affected by the tsunami. there is a house and a train just sort of on top of each other. there have been difficulties getting choppers to summon the areas now this, may be the first time we've seen live chopper pictures from here. >> the president called this a catastrophic disaster. >> japan is one of our strongest and closest allies.
12:24 am
and this morning i spoke with prime minister there on behalf of the american people, i conveyed our deepest condolences especially victims and their families and i offered our japanese friend whatever assistance is needed. >> the u.s. has been present in japan since 1945 when general mcarthur oversaw the occupation following world war ii. today our military has over 35,000 troops stationed there. 15 american ships makeup the relief efforts headed to the area this past week, including a nuclear-powered warship, uss ronald reagan. it's a super carrier with all kinds of capabilities like air lift allowing cargo to move on and off the ship and a medical facility equating to a full hospital on board. other ships are stopping in sports like singapore to get them to the people of japan wex have some 38,000 troops on the ground there. they can be mobilized as well.
12:25 am
>> picking through the dead is an apalling situation, bad as anything i've seen. >> but there are stories of hope. while solders were searching for victims in a badly damaged town along the northeast coast of japan they heard sounds of life. they found a 4-month-old baby girl covered in mud, cold and wet but otherwise fine. rescuers were able to lok indicate the father who was then reunited with his daughter. mile after mile of death and destruction and then, suddenly teams find life. >> three elderly people trapped inside of the car. the car tumbled. they had doors jammed by debris. the team opened the doors and
12:26 am
pulled them out alive. a to-year-old was rescued in myagi where 2000 people have died. he was under debris four days pulled out suffering from hypothermia. >> these parents looking for their son only found. >> they found the post office was standing but walking around there was no sign of their son. here is the father calling out for him. >> the desperate cries continue to be heard across japan. the family tried to search for loved ones in a nation struggling to grasp the enormity of the disaster, just when you think the tragedy can't get worse, horrific nightmare just beginning to
12:27 am
unfold. a partial nuclear melt down. >> coming up, a nightmare scenario underway at the nuclear plant. is the government telling the whole truth? ♪ professional driver on a closed course. ♪ do not attempt at home. always wear your seat belt. ♪ and please drive responsibly. [ male announcer ] it's the most fun you can legally have. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class.
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this is a fox news alert in new york. western nations and arab allies gearing up for potential military action in libya. the u.s., france and britain ordering muammar gaddafi to stop advancing on opposition forces. rebels say they're still coming under attack. the un and arab allies set to meet in paris saturday to discuss a possible military intervention z a developing story out of yemen. the country is in a state of emergency after gunman opened fire in an antigovernment
12:31 am
rally. 46 people were killed including children. witnesses say roof top snipers targeted prot testers calling for political reform, unrest in syria leaving three demonstrators dead there. now back to fox news reports the disaster in japan. >> good morning, everybody, it's sunday and we begin this morning with a fox news alert. the japanese government reports a nuclear melt down is possibly underway. now they say more nuclear reactors are failing. this as more than 200,000 people are evacuated from the area. the stores in tokyo were limiting sales of water,
12:32 am
shelves almost out of food, radioactive steam spewing into the air, but live goes on, japanese style. patience, politeness are the natural order of the day. >> how serious is the nuclear radiation that is getting out? do you know the extent of the damage. >> and i mean tokyo standing outside under the sky. and i do not have any concerns about radioactivity or exposure. >> the government tested people for radiation exposure. as a partial melt down occurred in reactor number three. the cooling system in reactor number two failed and more radioactive steam was released. >> there are three separate reactors now people are worried about. we know there are 19 scientists on one site where they're going through and checking each person to see what radiation contamination they've been exposed to. >> the owners of the power
12:33 am
plant continue to say the radiation being released does not pose health risks. >> looking at radiation level, they think this has impact on human health. >> there are no evacuation drills and this is necessary. he says that the electric power company never told us about any risky or dangerous situation. >> no safe level of radiation for any amount you get means increased cancer down the road. >> japan's prime minister spoke about the unfolding disaster. >> 65 years after the end of world war ii, this is the toughest, most difficult crisis for japan. >> the international atopic energy agency rated japan's nuclear accident a level four out of seven. quickly upgrading the disaster to a level six. by comparison, three mile
12:34 am
island and chernyobl we don't know a lot. there is a lot more to learn. and should a disaster occur in japan, it's not going to be confined to tokyo. >> so is there a nuclear cover up in japan? history tells us it's happened before at the height of the cold war in 1957 there was another level six nuclear accident shrouded in mystery. in the former soviet union, may 1, 1960 became one of the prime targets on a ill-fated surveillance flight. his u.s. spy plane shot down by soviets. experts say a level six occurred when there is a serious accident and there is a significant release of radioactive material into the environment. >> how does this compare to say, chernyobl? >> well, chernyobl was the
12:35 am
worst nuclear accident ever. most believe this situation will not become that bad. chernyobl so bad because there was a huge explosion and a badly built nuclear plant with effectively no containment vessel. at fukushima there are containment vessels that is why experts say it won't probably get as bad as it was in 1986. we don't know, it could yet become much worse, one think tank says it could be that worse on the international scale. >> they have lied before. and back in 1999 there was a severe reaction and they also covered up the accident of 1999. this is a pattern with that utility. >> u.s. gee graphical surge yeah -- surge yeah upgrades
12:36 am
the earthquake. and this is a fox news alert. nuclear official confirmed explosion at unit three at the plant. >> they're pumping sea water around the reactors to try to cool it down and stop any kind of melt down. >> authorities say there could be a partial melt down already but don't know because they can't get into the reactor. >> any one helicopter dumps 50 tons of water on a flaming power plant like using a squirt gun to put out a forest fire. >> i say exercise the chernyobl option. he called out red air force. hit chernyobl with helicopters and sandbags, concrete and boric acid. that is what i suggest. call out the japanese air force. >> another explosion rocks the already-wounded power plant. this time, it's reactor number
12:37 am
two. >> there is breaking news now on fox news channel and this just into us here at fox news in tokyo. we've just gotten word from folks on the scene there has just been explosion heard at that unit number two. that is one of the three units of which they had so much concern. we've been reporting that temperatures were rising, they were trying to put sea water into this particular reactor. >> now, european union is calling for a reassessment in the energy policy. and the chancellor announced the seven reactors went into service before 1980 will be taken off line for three months plans to extend the life of the plants are reviewed. >> japanese markets feeling affects of that earthquake and tsunami and new problem autos question is this a game changer? >> yes. for japan, certainly. >> the question can japan's economy survive this? >> japan's closest neighbors,
12:38 am
china, south korea and russia are on edge. officials in south korea begin to inspect all livestock and fishry products imported for radiation. and it had detectives -- issuing an order. >> and whb people living at or near the land? >> there is no missed radiation. >> for person exposed?. >> right. it's increased risk. >> this is a fox news alert, workers have been evacuated from a nuclear plant in japan. here is a government spokesperson just seconds ago. >> workers there have descended their operations. there has been to evacuate in a safe area. >> what are we left with? no more workers in the plant? that is what they just told us
12:39 am
thachl means no more water on fuel rods but this is a bad development. >> there is more reporting from fox news just ahead. stay with us. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a. scholar.
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it's touch and go this morning. workers head back in to battle a nuclear melt down. do they stand a fighting chance? a live report from japan. >> there has been desperate moves so far to try to affect the overheating of that plant. we understand that japanese military helicopter with a huge bucket of water was sent up to pour water over the reactors, but it had to abort the mission because of the high levels of radiation. >> when radiation levels reportedly dropped, the evacuation workers returned to the stricken plant the next day. they scrambled to avoid catastrophe the japanese emperor made a rare television address. >> i feel deep in my heart as i see miserable condition in the affected area. i am deeply concerned about the nuclear situation because its unpredictable.
12:44 am
with the help of those involved, i hope things will not get worse. >> this moment was reminiscent of august, 1945 when the emperor announced japan's surrender following the devastating atomic bombing at hiroshimaw a nuclear melt down now a possibility the owner was really beginning to feel the heat. >> there will be indictments in japan, there will be the piper to pay but unfortunately potentially thousands of people will have leukemia and may have thyroid cancer. >> wednesday the plan to use helicopters to dump sea water was abandoned and raigs leve level -- radiation levels have been too high. >> there is a considering using a special water cannon truck. they're going to use that is to stand back from the reactor
12:45 am
and try to throw as much water on them to cool them down that way. >> this turned economic situation into the country from bad to worse. the index plunged 11% today. >> and after two days of massive losses there was a glimmer gf news. the stock market went on the rebound. >> closed 5.7% higher at the plunging some 16% in weeks. >> and and more bad news wasn't far behind and and that represents a kig sig can't chunk of japan's industrial strength flat-out shot down. >> the dire situation will have a strong ripple affect on the world company. japan exported $120 billion worth of goods last year to the us aus lone. >> we're getting grim news on the death toll from the tsunami and earthquake.
12:46 am
10,000 people are missing in just one city. the powerful quake left nearly half a million people homeless. others struggling to get basic necessity autos give us an update if you could, greg. >> that is a remarkable thing is that nuclear angle is overshadowing humanitarian side. that story is huge, dire, desperate. efforts involve not just japanese but international efforts. >> 17,000 u.s. marines and sailors are involved with 14 u.s. ships off the coast by mid week. >> fox news alert international atopic energy agency confirming a partial melt down inside three of the crippled nuclear reactor autos problem was the stricken complex in northeastern japan change by the hour. >> if rounds are exposed
12:47 am
radiation material could see power. >> this is thursday here now. we're told tuesday there was a fire at number four. on wednesday a fire at number four. and now, on thursday there is no more water but there is a huge problem in number three f this builds up it could explode to cause all kinds of problem autos it's causing people 140 miles away to get very nervous. >> this is where the sidewalk would be packed with people but fears are keeping a lot of people off the streets. >> rush hour usually snarled with traffic looked like a sunday. warnings to stay inside due to radiation risks being he'ded. -- heeded. i'm worried about life, health and radioactivity this, woman says. that is why i'm wearing a mask. supplies are leaving food store shelves empty this, man says people are buying food and conserving it for what
12:48 am
might be coming and long lines forming at all gas stations. families need gas for day-to-day life, he remarks but for any disaster. >> thursday, with a nuclear situation teetering on the brink of disaster military helicopters dumped more sea water into crippled plants. >> currently you're watching nuclear power plant. we're shooting this shooth -- footage 33 kilo meters southwest of the plant. >> what is going on now at that power plant? >> well, right now, we've been watching the live feeds out of there. they've made four drops now our understanding of water, you mentioned eu's regulator talked about this being quote out of control, unquote. he said the words tossed around was apocalypse. he said that is an appropriate word if they don't get the
12:49 am
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>> good morning from tokyo. there is still great concern over the nuclear plant to our north. they work to try to solve the nuclear crisis on a number of different fronts. for one, today, they brought in water cannons and used helicopters yesterday to try to get water on the crucial reactors number three and four to try to prevent a melt down. at the same time, they're working to establish a power link. >> this is a severe situation. there are changes in the plant and therefore, we look at these changed primt ters and
12:53 am
deal with the situation. >> there is a group of anonymous workers made their way into the nuclear death trap. >> they physically have to go into those reactors and drop water on it. have you to crawl on your hands and knees through the dark get in there, put water on there as radiation level goeses up you had that quote calling this a sue snid war mission. the high radiation levels have now been detected almost 20 miles outside of the plant. that is critical. 12 miles is the evacuation center. >> they're putting their lives at risk. >> theen thees men are risking their own lives. one radiologist describing them as suicide fighters in a war. it's just that simple. >> but they're efforts may be in vain. >> now experts believe not just the pool holding the fuel rods in reactor four but also,
12:54 am
in reactor three may have boiled dry meaning more radiation is now spewing into the air. >> as firefighters and plant workers continue to furiously fight to head off a melt down, several nations including u.s. and britain telling their citizens to evacuate. >> nhk television reporting high levels of radiation 18 miles from the plant. that happens to be outside of the japanese government's evacuation area. but within u.s. government 50 miles zone. >> there is a gap between what the united states experts are recommending and what japanese officials are saying. >> in the united states we'd make a recommendation to evacuate personnel to a much larger area than is currently being done in japan. >> just not sure how safe it s and if exclusions aren't extended then we can't get
12:55 am
out. we think it's better to get out now. >> there are articles saying different things. people on tv saying different things. >> good morning, everyone, level five japan raising emergency rating at the quake ravaged nuclear site. >> and in southern california, radioactive fallout from japan has been detected but levels of a billion times below what would be threatening. >> it's a global problem. >> we'll alert the public if there is a real threat. >> angry japanese citizens are still waiting for answers. thousands of refugees have been forced to stay in makeshift shelter autos this woman told me they know people who work at the nuclear plant. they told everybody the plant was going to blow up. the government was saying
12:56 am
everything was under control. the question the people have now is when will they be able to go home? >> we can't live in our homes anymore. the stores aren't open anymore. we can't find food. we need to come here to get supply autos people have found a little bit more permanent shelter as far as getting food and fuel in, it's still difficult. >> one week passed since the disaster. he says that he offers his condolences to the victims and their families. prime minister says that over the past week, the japanese people have dealt with a situation calmly. he says that the japanese public placed emphasis on community ties and is working together to overcome this disaster. and prime minister says he's committing to bringing back reassurance for the japanese public.
12:57 am
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